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-​One of the biggest conference concerning the policy of the international students in Japan-

【Date】April 21st (Fri.)13:30〜

【Venue】Shibaura Institute of Technology

Toyosu Campus

October 01, 2017

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What is "Japan ASIA Youth Conference"?

 "Japan ASIA Youth Conference" is the conference for thinking the policy of international students. It is planned and operated once a year by the Japan Association for Promotion of Internationalization (JAPI).

 Based on the results of over 1,300 international students' questionnaire survey, the conference will pose problems regarding recruiting international students and their living in Japan, and suggest improvement measures.

 Continuing from last year, the student leaders from JAYC said the results of their survey. And a number of people attended, including the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the university professor, the private corporate representative, etc., and discussed the current situation of international students.

 This year's theme is "the power of the competition among the world".

What should Japanese schools and companies do to be selected by international students in the world? We will discuss the topics of recruiting international students and their living continuously in Japan, and share precedent examples.


JAYC2017 ​Timetable

13:00〜 Opening

13:30〜 Opening remarks

   Mr. Masato Murakami (President of Shibaura Institute of Technology)

13:35〜 Keynote Speech 1

 ▽About international students recruiting policy

   Mr. Kiyoshi Saito(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

13:45〜 Keynote Speech 2

 ▽Significance of International Students in the Global Era

   Mr. Kazuichi Sakamoto (APU First President)

14:05〜 Report "Survey on Foreign Students International Students 2017"

 ▽Present situation and trend about international students by attribute

   Austin Zeng(Representative of JAYC international students)

<Break(5 min.)>

14:30〜 Panel discussion "Recruiting international students"

 ▽Build a comprehensive international student acceptance system by industry, academia and government

   Mr. Tokuo Ogata(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

   Prof. Hiroshi Ota(Hitotsubashi University)

   Ms. Hiroko Yamamoto(Member of "Nihon Ryugaku AWARDS")

   Mr. Hidekazu Fujimaki(Deputy Secretary General of "Ryugaku Study Kyoto Network)

Break(10 min.

15:30〜 Panel discussion

     "Hiring international students in Japanese companies"

▽Utilization of advanced international talent that enhances the power of competition among the world

   Mr. Michiro Daito (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

   Assoc. Prof. Yuriko Sato(Tokyo Institute of Technology)

   Mr. Satoshi Nakano (Intelligence Global Search Senior Manager)

   Mr. Brian Sherman (Representative Director of Gramercy Engagement Group Co., Ltd.)

16:20〜 GTI Consortium

 ▽Aiming to train global leaders

   Mr. Osamu Sugiyama (Shibaura Institute of Technology)

16:35〜 Suggestion on the policy

 ▽Initiatives of JAPI

Break(10 min.

17:00〜 Subcommittee

 ▽What is the secret of recruiting excellent talent from around the world?

   Mr. Takashi Sasaki(Ashikaga Institute of Technology)

 ▽Recruiting method adopting world-class human resources

   Mr. Minoru Takahashi (Director of Human Resources, HDE,Inc.)

Break(10 min.

18:00〜 Social gathering

19:30 Closed

※ There is a possibility that each theme will be changed slightly.




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